Appearing Flower

Easy to do
Can be performed over and over
Instructions included

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Apple Jacked by Scott Alexander

Gene Elmo’s now classic Silk in Apple has been done by many people without giving proper credit to the creator. Scott has secured special permission from Marty Hahne, who is the curator of all the Elmo material, and has put … Read More

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Art of Astonishment (Set of 3 Books)

Get all 3 Books for this Bargain Price! Sorry, No Further Discounts Apply! Click Below for Information on Individual Volumes: Art of Astonishment Book V1 Art of Astonishment Book V2 Art of Astonishment Book V3

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Assorted Magic Tricks for Children – 24 Per Pack

Magic tricks – 24 per pack.
Assorted colors and designs.
Great party favor.

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Autho 4 Eisenhower Dollar Gimmicks and Online Instructions by Tango Trick

From the creative mind of Mr. Tango, a new set of coins that allows you to perform Coin Across, Coin Productions, Penetrations and many more. Instructional video included. Available in Eisenhower dollar, half dollar and quarter dollar….

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Bang Ring for Dime and Penny Trick, Metal

Precision made of lightweight aluminum
Coin NOT Included

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Banshees: Cards for Throwing – Trick

Precision. Speed. Impact. Durability. A fusion of card throwing awesomeness — with a sonic scream. Card throwers destroy dozens of decks while practicing their throwing. Banshees are engineered with a blend of high-grade plastics to maximize cutting and penetration power, … Read More

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Best Of Friends Vol. 3 by Harry Lorayne – Book

20 Years in the making now yields volume 3 of Harry Lorayne’s Best of Friends.Some of the contributors in this volume are: Allan Ackerman, Richard Vollmer, Max Maven, J.K. Hartman, Peter Duffie, Michael Ammar, David Regal, Martin Nash, Joshua Jay, … Read More

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Bite Out Quarter by Roy Kuepper

Includes special gimmick and instructions.
Excellent for street and close-up magicians.
A coin is borrowed from a spectator, and a piece is bitten from the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The magician then spits the missing piece back on to the coin, restoring it.

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Bright Bugz Evolution Magic Lights Red

• The Most Awesome and our best selling magical toy! -They are called Bright BugZ ..but they are really Magical Illusion Senders -They come packaged with two lights for each color -Grab glowing lights out of thin air from hand to hand
• Create your own magic fun in a matter of minutes -You’re ready to have magical fun right out of the box -Magically “Glow” & travel from here to there and even through solid objects.. -BONUS! with a smartphone you can create more of your own magic fun & set up a special 3D HoloBeam!

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Building Your Own Illusions, The Complete Video Course by Gerry Frenette (6

Recommended for ages 12 and above.
Great GIFT for the magic hobbyist or professional
Shipping Weight: 0.75 lbs

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Card Vanish Illusion Change Sleeve Magic Trick WOW Choose Hidden

Plastic Card Changing Magic Sleeve. . Visual card change effect,even you have no card techniques. . Color changing in gradual way. . You can finish this trick by a normal poker size playing cards. . Amaze everyone with this very visual magic effect. . Size:9x7cm . How to make this amazing magic: Magician asks a spectator to draw a card freely(no force), and sign it. . Then put the card back into the deck, and shuffles the cards. .
The magician shows one card on the top of the deck,but it is not the same card the spectator signed. . Put the card into a clear plastic sleeve,the spectators can see the face of the card is still not the signed card. . The magician holds the sleeve, then the card slowly and visibly changes into the signed one!! . The card can be removed from the sleeve by spectator and there is nothing else in the sleeve!! . Anytime when spectators saw this trick,they would sound the same word:WOW!! .
Card Vanish Illusion Change Sleeve Magic Trick WOW Choose Hidden Magic Props … Package Included: 1 x Plastic Card Changing Magic Sleeve

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