GOWE 2014 O.R.C.(Optimum Rising Card) – magic Trick, card magic,props,close up magic,magic accessories

O.R.C.(Optimum Rising Card) ; Effect:O.R.C. is the ULTIMATE in Rising Card Effects! The most versatile method that has ever produced! Absolutely NO hook ups what so ever! This classic effect can now be performed under the most stringent test conditions. With ORC you have 100% control over the rising of the card! Now you can perform this miracle in ways that before could only be imagined. You can even have the spectator command the card to rise!
You can even perform the classic Haunted Pack under the same rigorous conditions. Endless Possibilities; Limited Only By Your Imagination; Simply the best… Features:NO Threads; NO Magnets; NO Elastics; NO Forcing; NO hook ups what so ever!Perform Under Impossible Test Conditions; ALWAYS 100% under your TOTAL control Precision Made Gimmick With Wireless Remote; Perform ANYWHERE; EASY TO DO!; DVD Contents:Rising Card on Any Table
Rising Card in the Goblet; Rising Card under the Goblet; Rising Card with spectator’s hand; Finding Chosen Card by Shadow Effect; Chasing Chosen Card by Mystic Spirit Effect; Resonance Phenomenon; The package includes Precision Made Gimmick and DVD Instruction.NOTE: Included deck and cards are Blue, but can be converted to any color.

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GOWE Floating Electronic Airborne Wine and Glass,Electric Version (Bottle and Glass) – Magic Tricks,Stage,Illusion,Gimmick,Funny

Operated by 9V battery (not inlcuded). You should read the instruction first before perform it, or it will broken this item We supply you the gimmicked clear glass and the bottle. You can start by silk routines and then produce the bottle and glass… also you can perform the trick casually While talking to the audience…he magician holds a bottle in one hand and an empty wine goblet in the other hand. He begins pouring wine from the bottle into the glass then lets go of the glass.
The glass magically stays suspended in mid air and moves downwards then goes up at your command as the wine continues to pour into it. An excellent stage effect! The bottle is great looks, the glass is totally clear!

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GOWE Lethal,Signed Card On Board – Magic Tricks, Stage,Card magic,Accessories,Illusions,Gimmick,Prop,Classic Toys

Bobby Motta’s Lethal is one item that has generated a tremendous amount of buzz and will leave your audience dumbfounded for sure! The magic has a spectator select a card, sign it and put it back in a shuffled deck – even allowing the spectator shuffle the cards.Next the magus produces a big knife and a target board, which is brought out and actually placed around the spectator’s neck,
the bull’s eye covering his torso. Now the fun really begins, and the suspense too.A deck of cards is sprung into the air and the magi throws a knife towards the target board, and in mid-air, the knife pins one card to the board! Which amazingly turns out to be the spectators signed card!This is more then a trick but a total act, and the good news is it is always under your control.
There are no stooges or assistants and the gimmick is absolutely self-contained allowing you to perform it any environment. Comes complete with everything you need and includes a full-length instructional DVD. Designed and manufactured by Gerry Frenette!

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GOWE Lightning Rose Frame Changes Rose Appearing In Frame Magic Tricks,Stage,Gimmick,Props,comedy,Comedy

This is the world’s first to support a stage magic works !! original, creative priceless !!Props exquisite, modern design, the idea is very clever, well-deserved for the good of the magic works!Magician holding a picture frame (Size: height 33cmx width 21.5cm), magician waved his hand in a black frame rose pattern becomes a lightning bright red rose pattern, pattern play start again become a blue rose pattern. .. Finally, open frame even conjured a rose !! (oh can roses for the audience)
The entire show is simple, no way!Effect, smooth, very pleasing! Applicable to all types of stage magic flow !!Tips: The Last Rose conjure such as to give to the audience, you can really bring their own roses !!Frame size: width 21.5cm height 33cm.A full props include: a full frame rose rose pattern changes + Backup (replaceable) + simulation rose 1 + online instructional videos

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GOWE Remote Control Card Rise,magic tricks,gimmick,illusion,

Remote Control Card Rise; A wonder of electronics and mechanics.Cards that had been freely shuffled by the spectator were placed in a crystal glass sitting not more than a few feet from the audience. Then, as assembled guests would call … Read More

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GOWE Twin Doves In Balloon,Remote Control – Dove Magic Tricks,Stage,Illusions,Appearing,Accessories,Mentalism,Party

A see-thru wooden framework in the shape of birdhouse atop tripod on stage, the magician shows up with a ballon and blow it up. He then Places the ballon inside the birdhouse and the ballon is in full view. He takes a spike or any sharp object and pops the ballon, bang! Suddenly two live doves appear in the place of the ballon.Or the ballon is blown up and left alone inside the house, magician doesnot touch it, just walk away, but with a magic snap, bang!
the ballon bursts in an instant. The ballon transforms into two live doves.You can perform this effect completely surrounded .Include: Completes with the tripod, wooden birdhouse,mini remote control and Detailed video Instructions; should prepare 23A 12V & 9V alkaline batteries, doves and the ballon by yourself.

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Tap Magic Fluid with Ep-Xtra

Size: 1 gal can
Especially suited for hard metals and on cuts requiring extreme pressure or long cutting times
For drilling, tapping, milling – all cuts on all metals

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