GOWE Lightning Rose Frame Changes Rose Appearing In Frame Magic Tricks,Stage,Gimmick,Props,comedy,Comedy

This is the world’s first to support a stage magic works !! original, creative priceless !!Props exquisite, modern design, the idea is very clever, well-deserved for the good of the magic works!Magician holding a picture frame (Size: height 33cmx width 21.5cm), magician waved his hand in a black frame rose pattern becomes a lightning bright red rose pattern, pattern play start again become a blue rose pattern. .. Finally, open frame even conjured a rose !! (oh can roses for the audience)
The entire show is simple, no way!Effect, smooth, very pleasing! Applicable to all types of stage magic flow !!Tips: The Last Rose conjure such as to give to the audience, you can really bring their own roses !!Frame size: width 21.5cm height 33cm.A full props include: a full frame rose rose pattern changes + Backup (replaceable) + simulation rose 1 + online instructional videos

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