4M Kids Magic Set

This magic set contains everything needed to perform twelve amazing magic tricks.
The set includes a wand, playing cards, rope, and more.
Detailed instructions for performing each magic trick are included.

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Adams Pranks and Magic – Super Joy Buzzer Gag Toy

Original Made In Metal – Not Plastic
One Joy Buzzer, Not Electric
Great Gag That Never Gets Old

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Bite Out Quarter by Roy Kuepper

Includes special gimmick and instructions.
Excellent for street and close-up magicians.
A coin is borrowed from a spectator, and a piece is bitten from the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The magician then spits the missing piece back on to the coin, restoring it.

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Bright Bugz Evolution Magic Lights Red

• The Most Awesome and our best selling magical toy! -They are called Bright BugZ ..but they are really Magical Illusion Senders -They come packaged with two lights for each color -Grab glowing lights out of thin air from hand to hand
• Create your own magic fun in a matter of minutes -You’re ready to have magical fun right out of the box -Magically “Glow” & travel from here to there and even through solid objects.. -BONUS! with a smartphone you can create more of your own magic fun & set up a special 3D HoloBeam!

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Electric Touch+ (Plus) DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika – Trick

Use your power to illuminate florescent bulbs
Bend water with a simple flick of the wrist
Animate tea leaves, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc

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Ever Magic Set, 24 Magic Tricks To Master In Minutes, includes: Magic Tricks, Magician’s Box and Tutorials

24 amazing magic tricks that will impress your friends, family, and audiences right at home. Includes favorite classic tricks like: Triple magic rope, magic pen through a dollar bill, levitating magic wand, magic transforming coloring book and more!
Learn magic in no time with online video tutorials. Master each trick in minutes.
Increase hand eye coordination, confidence, and decrease fear of public speaking. Teach children to be independent thinkers and entertainers.

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Gooday 3 Pcs Realistic Fake Tongue Gross Jokes Prank Magic Tricks Halloween Horrific Magicians Props

Material: synthetic polyester (directly into the mouth).
Size: approx. 54 x 35 x 12 mm/2. 12 x1. 38 x 0. 49 inches (l x w x thickness) .
The tongue looks like real,made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material,safe to put in your mouth.

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Ideal 100-Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Perform magic in no time with step-by-step instructional dvd starring magician ryan oakes.
Storage suitcase doubles as a performance table measuring 10in high x 19. 5in wide.
Filled with over 100 of the greatest magic tricks and props, plus a magic hat and wand.

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Loftus Red Magic Sponge Ball Set, 1 1/4 inch Balls with Instructions

Includes instructions for easy tricks
Set of four, red 1 1/4 inch spongeballs
Perform a wide range of magic with these soft sponge balls.

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Loops New Generation (Set of 8) by Yigal Mesika

More Loops
More Quality
Now Made in the USA

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Magic Makers – Magic Coloring Book – For Magicians of All Ages and Skill Levels

For Magicians Of All Ages & All Skill Levels
Make The Pictures Magically Become Colored
End The Trick By Displaying All The Pages Are Blank

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Magic Makers Bicycle Red/Blue Double Back Card Deck

This deck includes 56 Red/Blue double back cards.
Each card has a blue back on one side and a red back on the other side.

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