4M Kids Magic Set

This magic set contains everything needed to perform twelve amazing magic tricks.
The set includes a wand, playing cards, rope, and more.
Detailed instructions for performing each magic trick are included.

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Ideal 220 Trick Mega Magic Show Kit 62 Piece Set with Top Hat and Wand Ages 7 and Up

220 Trick Magic Set with everything a magician needs to put on a spectacular show. Easy to follow instructions are designed for beginning and intermediate magicians ages 7 and up.
Includes magic wand, cups, balls, tubes, bottles, rabbits, magician’s cards, handkerchief, magic box, levitating tool, magic hat, lunch box, rings, and lots more.
Learn classic tricks including pulling a handkerchief out of a hat, levitating wand, pass balls through cups and much more street and parlor magic to amaze your family and friends.

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Ideal Ryan Oakes’ 25-Trick Magic Show

75 Easy to learn and fun to perform tricks
Great introduction to the world of magic
30 minute instructional DVD with master magician Ryan Oakes

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Loftus International Chinese Paper Finger Traps (Each)

Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available
Design is stylish and innovative Satisfaction Ensured
Great Gift Idea

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Loftus International Coin Slide Magic Trick

Make a coin vanish, change, and reappear in the magic coin slide
You place a nickel in the slot and slide it in the wood box
It changes into a dime

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Loftus Red Magic Sponge Ball Set, 1 1/4 inch Balls with Instructions

Includes instructions for easy tricks
Set of four, red 1 1/4 inch spongeballs
Perform a wide range of magic with these soft sponge balls.

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Nowstalgic Toys Squirmles, The Magical Pet

Comes with bonus baby sized Squirmles
Instructional booklet included
Carrying/storage case included

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The Penn & Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit – Over 200 Ways To Trick Your Friends

The First Officially Licensed Penn & Teller Magic Kit On The Market
This Set Will Teach You More Than 200 Easy-To-Master Tricks That Will Get You Started Fooling Your Family, Friends, And Strangers
The Included DVD Will Assist You Whether You Want To Baffle With Illusions, Pretend To Read Minds, Do The Classics Of Magic, Or Just Have A Good Trick Up Your Sleeve

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