Electric Touch+ (Plus) DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika – Trick

Use your power to illuminate florescent bulbs
Bend water with a simple flick of the wrist
Animate tea leaves, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc

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Empire Magic Disappearing Cards and Case

A deck of cards is inserted into a case and disappears.

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Empire Magic Electric Card Deck Trick

Comic possibilities!
Comes with complete instructions on how to perform.
Easy to do!

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Empire Magic Penny To Dime Trick

Fun and easy!
Complete routine and instructions included

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Ever Magic Set, 24 Magic Tricks To Master In Minutes, includes: Magic Tricks, Magician’s Box and Tutorials

24 amazing magic tricks that will impress your friends, family, and audiences right at home. Includes favorite classic tricks like: Triple magic rope, magic pen through a dollar bill, levitating magic wand, magic transforming coloring book and more!
Learn magic in no time with online video tutorials. Master each trick in minutes.
Increase hand eye coordination, confidence, and decrease fear of public speaking. Teach children to be independent thinkers and entertainers.

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Feamos Magic Trick Easy Money Printing Machine Money Maker for Fun Pack of 1

Place one note or two notes in the printing machine, prepare a piece of white paper in the same size as the note
Place the white paper in the other side of the machine; Then revolve the machine and the money note comes out
As the paper in machine moves in s-shape, the white paper enters in one side and the note comes out in another side of the machine

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Flight Case Gimmck and Online Instructionsby Leo Smetsers

Flight Case Prediction by Leo Smetsers is a high quality super-fast “Item to Impossible Location” box.It is with great excitement that Leo is finally bringing this amazing prop to the market. This box has been evolving over the past 2 … Read More

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Flipper Coin Pro Elastic Half Dollar 1964 wDVD D0138 by Tango

Note: With the new elastic system, there is an instructional video for repairing the elastic band. Find it HERE.In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked … Read More

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Folded Piercing- Head Box – Stage Magic Tricks

Newly desgined and better than ever. A hallowed classic of stage magic. Imagine the reactions of your audience when you place your helpers head into the box, slide the doors into place and then begin to push real metal swords … Read More

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Fun and Frolic Time Amazing Air Floating Magic Match/Card Close-Up Magician Trick Props

Amazing floating magic trick
includes 2 cards, 2 small sticks and instruction manual

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Gooday 3 Pcs Realistic Fake Tongue Gross Jokes Prank Magic Tricks Halloween Horrific Magicians Props

Material: synthetic polyester (directly into the mouth).
Size: approx. 54 x 35 x 12 mm/2. 12 x1. 38 x 0. 49 inches (l x w x thickness) .
The tongue looks like real,made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly material,safe to put in your mouth.

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Hathaway Rising Cards Houlette With DVD by Martin Lewis

Hathaway’s remarkable contribution to the rising cards trick has become a classic of its genre. This astonishing effect is not only deceptive and practical but highly visible too, making it most effective for stage or parlor presentation. Effect Three cards … Read More

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