10 Reasons to Start Learning Magic Tricks

10 Reasons to Start Learning Magic Tricks

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Have you ever watched a magician performing, and thought about getting started with learning magic tricks yourself? Here we’ll look at 10 good reasons why you should act on that thought, and start learning to perform magic tricks.

1 Entertain Family and Friends

If you know a few good magic tricks, you can have some real fun performing them in front of family and friends, it definitely adds something different to an event, and creates a real talking point. Also, many magic tricks can be performed with items you can find almost anywhere, like cards, coins and table napkins, so it needn’t require a whole load of equipment. That means it can be easy to improvise a quick magic performance in many different social situations.

2 Put On A Show For Kids

Kids love magic tricks, and being able to perform some magic at kids parties is a really good skill to have. Parents are always looking for ways to entertain their kids at birthday parties, so being able to mention that you ‘can do a few magic tricks’ might lead to you getting involved in a performance. Keep it simple and involve lots of humour and audience participation, and it’ll go down a treat.

3 Break The Ice At Parties / Meetings

Doing a few quick magic tricks can be a great way of breaking the ice at a party or meeting. It gets people talking, and they’ll be interested in finding out about your magical skills. A good place to start with this is with ‘table magic’, after a good meal. People are relaxed, and doing some magic tricks with coins or tableware can create a real buzz.

4 Find Enjoyment With A New Hobby

These days, it’s very easy to get submerged in the routines of daily life, so it’s good and healthy to have some other interests. Learning magic tricks doesn’t have to take up a lot of time at first, but it can be a good way of relaxing. There are plenty of tricks and skills to learn, so there will never be any shortage of material to get stuck into!

5 Enjoy People Asking ‘How Did You Do That’, and Enjoy Not Telling Them!

There’s something really satisfying about performing a trick to an audience, then afterwards having someone ask you how you did it. Many tricks often have a very simple ‘secret’, but to members of the audience unaware of this, it can often seem quite baffling, which is obviously why people are drawn to someone performing a magic trick. It’s most important though not to let on how the trick was done – it’s best to create the illusion that you can really perform magical acts, and leave them scratching their heads!

6 Build Self Confidence and Presentation Skills

As you practice and rehearse a particular trick, you first learn the mechanics of performing a trick, i.e. the ‘secret’ behind it. Perhaps even more important than the ‘how to’ though, is the presentation and patter that you go through when performing in front of an audience. That can really help build your self confidence, and presentation skills in front of people generally, which can be useful in other situations.

7 Develop Your Creativity – Modify Tricks & Make Them Your Own

If you take one magic trick, and ask 100 magicians to perform it, you’ll get 100 unique performances. Even though the elements of the trick are the same, each one will put their own special spin on it to make it their own. You can really have fun with this, taking an existing trick and figuring out how to tweak and change it so that it becomes something completely your own, even a totally new trick.

8 Add A Unique Aspect To A Presentation or Speech

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation or speech? Probably quite a few. If you’re giving a presentation or speech, working a magic trick or two into it can be a good way to get people’s attention, so they’re more likely to listen to the rest of your talk. You can even do this in a way that illustrates the topic of your speech, by a careful choice of trick.

9 Have A Hobby Which Can Earn You Extra Money

If you persevere with learning and performing magic tricks, you may well get to the point where you can earn some money for your performances, say for kids parties, or local corporate events. Organisers of company dinners often arrange for magicians to entertain their guests by performing magic tricks at tables. Or your local restaurant might be interested in someone who can entertain their diners. Once you have some solid trick performances under your belt, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money by performing.

10 Carry On a Rich Tradition of Performance Magic That’s Centuries Old

Magic has been performed in front of audiences for thousands of years, and there is a rich history of great magicians who have amazed people in the past. Even when doing simple magic tricks yourself, it’s good to know that you’re carrying on this tradition, and are following in the footsteps of those famous magicians from yesterday. Studying the history of magic is also useful for learning about different tricks and performance styles.